GlobalTransConsult Services

International shipping is a complex range of services which include not only transportation of cargo from one country to another. There will be no problems if everything’s done correctly. Cargo arrives on time, and its delivery is at a low price. But if there’s a mistake in the conduct of Foreign Economic Activity, delays and upcharges can’t be avoided.

Foreign Economic Activities multiple services

Managers of GlobalTransConsult have been organizing export and import deliveries for more than 15 years. We reduce costs and help businesses grow. We are limited only in accordance with the law while transporting cargoes from one country to another.

For those who are on delegation of authorities for the organization of deliveries to professionals, we provide Foreign Economic Activity outsourcing service . We escort the cargo at all stages, produce paperwork and if it’s necessary, we help with customs clearance. It is faster and often cheaper than registration of documents by yourself. Most partners prefer this type of cooperation.

We solve more focused roles of international shipping

To provide total solutions is always more profitable for a partner. But there are number of cases when the provision of certain services is justified:

  •  Compellation of individuals. We organize the transportation of luggage during business trips or moving for a habitual adobe to another country. We make international parcels, minimizing customs duties.

  •  Branching out. We take upon ourselves part of the work of foreign activity departments and logistics departments at the enterprises. We organize maintenance shipments or develop new business areas.

  •  Off-nominal situations. Our customs lawyer help to minimize penalty provision if there was made a mistake during producing paperwork. Usually it’s enough to get verbal advice. But if it’s necessary, our lawyer visits the customer.

Our experts are also ready to advise you on other matters of foreign economic activity that require individual solutions. If you need to transport the cargo, but there are doubts about your own capabilities, fill out the application form or call us immediately. Managers will tell you how to act and calculate service fee.