Customs clearance for individuals

Our company helps both corporations, sole proprietors and individuals to clear the customs. You can contact us to solve such issues as:

  • online shopping;

  • moving to a permanent residency in Russia; 

  • if you coming back with personal belongings after a long stay in Russia;

  • if you want to send something to your friends or relatives;

  • if any cargo arrived to you from a foreign individual or legal body.

Professional qualification of employees and good knowledge of customs rules during customs clearance of goods transported by individuals, tracking changes in legislation allow to solve any issues quickly and with minimal costs.

Clearance formalities provided for individuals differ from the rules of customs control for corporations and sole proprietors. Our professionals are well aware of all nuances of preparing and completing individual’s customs entry, particularities of the calculation of customs payments for individuals, as well as prohibitions and restrictions on certain categories of goods.