Carnet A.T.A.

Temporary import or export with the help of Carnet A.Т.А. is much more easier in terms of customs clearance than the submission of a declaration for customs transit. However, the temporary import or export with the use of Carnet A.T.A. expatiate only upon certain cases, such as import / export of exhibits, dealer samples, sports equipment for competitions, stage sets, professional equipment and many other goods not intended for sale, repair or commercial use. This is not the most common type of Foreign Economic Activities, that is why fewer than all are able to draw up Carnet A.T.A correctly.

For compliance with this mode of movement of goods, it is necessary to fill in correctly the necessary pages of Carnet A.T.A (a standard document, given by the Chamber of Commerce and industry of the country or by National Associations, and including 10 vouchers). It is a standard replacement for the documents required for customs clearance using such a mode of goods movement and Carnet A.T.A. allows to import/export cargoes for a period of up to 1 year with full exemption from customs and taxes.

It should also be taken into account that there are a number of restrictions for goods, when Carnet A.T.A can’t be given.

There is also a restriction by countries, in total only 64 countries have joined Convention of Carnet A.T.A.

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