Refrigerated transport

Complex tasks include the transportation of not only heavy oversized equipment, but also the transportation of cargoes that require constant temperature control. These are food products, including fruits and vegetables, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The best way to deliver such cargoes is to transport them in refrigerators.

Non-compliance of temperature control during transportation leads to unfavorable or unacceptable changes of product quality. The degree of responsibility facing is extremely high for a provider, since a mistake in selection of mode of transport or route, choice of a carrier with unreliable refrigerators leads to damage of the whole freight. For this reason, it is advisable to entrust the transportation of refrigerated cargoes to a reliable carrier.

Our company cooperates only with partners whose fleets and containers are represented by the most modern and reliable refrigerators that maintain the internal temperature in the range of -25 - +25 degrees Celsius.

GlobalTransConsult is gladly ready to offer their business partners the transportation of any complexity and any kind of cargoes by different modes of transport from Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union to every place of the world.