Container transportation

Container transportation is the most expedient way for transportation of cargoes for long-haul routes. Significant time savings are achieved by simplifying and speeding up the process of unloading containers and their further stacking on another carrier vehicle, even including multimodal transportation.

Our company’s responsibilities include performing a set of tasks within a single order; this includes selection of a container with suitable dimensions for a product of a specific volume and mass, choice of the most optimal mode of transport, drafting of a displacement route in compliance with the duration of path, safety and security arrangements of consignment, preparation of a complete set of transport documents.

When filling a customer’s order, we are followed by the requirement of rationalization of costs and time constraints, therefore, the transportation solutions developed by our company will be the most profitable for your business. GlobalTransConsult is gladly ready to offer their business partners the transportation of any complexity and any kind of cargoes by different modes of transport from Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union to every place of the world.