Over-the-road truck transport is the most convenient in term of cost, operational efficiency and convenience. Arterial grid allows picking up cargo from every corner of Europe, Western, Central and Southern part of Asia and delivering cargoes straight to addressee within congestions and shiftment. Combination of velocity and flexibility makes trucking to beyond competition among other means of transport for mean and small range.

Our advances

Our transport and logistics company knows all the shades of such movings. When you make an order we take into account all load attributes in order to select the car and the most convenient route.

Our aim is to deliver your goods right in time and without problems. To achieve this goal we estimate the type of cargo, its weight and capacity, specification. We can offer you the following types of motor marches:

  •  by semi-trailers of 82-90 cubic meters for general cargoes;

  •  by roomy jumbo of 120 cubic meters for light but bulky cargoes;

  •  by delivery van or minibus for small stores;

  •  Reefer transportations;

  • off-gauge and heavy cargoes deliveries.

Employ our services you can be sure that your cargo will arrive to a point of destination right in time and in safe keeping.