Customs lawyer

None of the participants of foreign economic activity is impervious to the problems associated with the adjustment of customs value, incorrect filling out of documents or miscommunication for part of oversight authority. According to the existing rules, any person or a representative of a company can appeal against the action or lack of action of office-holders. However not everyone is familiar with the nuances of customs legislation.

We offer our customers to use the services of a professional lawyer in customs affairs. It will give you the opportunity to make a professional assessment of the situation and find the best solution of the problem.

The customs legislation is quite complicated and intricated.

Our lawyer can help you in such cases as:

  • not declaring by legal bodies;

  • not declaring by individuals;

  • procedural defects by the customs.

Contacting us, you can avoid financial losses, waste of time and clear your name. Contact us in any convenient way to get an advice.