Trading company

GlobalTransConsult as a customs and logistical operator provides services of its own trading company. We help large and small foreign retailers to progress in Russia. We simplify the process of delivery and settlement payments with counterparties. Usually services of the trading company are required in the following circumstances:

  • When purchasing trial consignment of Russian goods.

  • For simplification of the export of goods by representative establishment.

  • When having cultivated a relationships with Russian suppliers.

  • When supplying trial consignment of imported goods to the Russian market.

Our trading company purchases in goods in any country and transfer them to your partners in Russia.

We accept all risks and duties connected with the export:

  • execution of an agreement;
  • delivery;
  • customs clearance;
  • exchange transactions.

When importing from Russia, we help you to find dropshippers and get favorable terms of collaboration. We work with small trial consignments and with bulk supplies. We put down your expenditure of transportation and custom clearance. Fill out the application form, our manager will call you back, offer an advice and calculate service fee.