Cargo Insurance

During any transportation of cargoes, whether they are embarking or loading, shiftment or reshipping from one carrier vehicle to another, it is too great a risk of damage of these goods. Also along the entire route there just might be various accidents with carrier vehicles transporting goods, whether it is a sea container ship, truck or plane. In order to avoid unplanned expenses connected with damage, partial or full loss of goods during the transportation of your cargo, we suggest you to take out the insurance of the cargo throughout the entire transportation process from the sender’s warehouse until the cargo is received.

Our company can offer you to choose one of the matched programs:

  • insurance of invoice cost of cargo;

  • insurance of invoice cost of cargo + transportation costs;

  • insurance of invoice cost of cargo + shipping costs + customs payments.

Insurance will help you to reduce unplanned expenses.

We offer you insurance for all types of transport, taking into account its specificity. This is relevant both for small companies, for which the loss of even one consignment of goods can be irrecoverable financial harm, and for large customers with streamlined supply chains.

By contacting us, you can get insurance from one of the leaders in the market, in the segment of freight insurance.