FCL Freight

Food, household products, compound technological complexes, heavy industrial scale plants and other expensive and oversized equipment are classified as general cargoes. Transportation of such goods is carried out according to a single contract in the form of a single indivisible order, therefore it is advisable to entrust the transportation of a large-scale lot to an experienced shipping carrier with an unblemished business standing.

GlobalTransConsult cooperates with reliable motor carriers, big shorelines and railway systems. According to the specifics of the product being transported and the communication between the point of departure and the place of arrival of the general cargo, our logistics experts will choose the most rational route, determine the optimal mode of transport, make up the timetable of movings and stops taking into account financial and time limits.

GlobalTransConsult is gladly ready to offer their business partners the transportation of any complexity and any kind of cargoes by different modes of transport from Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union to every place of the world.