GlobalTransConsult is a customs-logistic operator 

GlobalTransConsult has fifteen-year experience in international forwarding and customs clearance of goods. We unite suppliers and buyers from all over the world with transport links.

Our team is ready to perform a work on a turnkey basis or provide certain types of services.

We provide door to door transportation of cargos

We pick up the goods from the supplier and deliver to every place of the world. If necessary, we use vehicular transportation, sea, rail transport and aviation. Our customers indicate where and when the cargo should be transported, we calculate the route and transport the goods right on time. If needed, we help to find manufacturers in Russia.

We help to go through customs clearance 

GlobalTransConsult has branches in all economically significant and located along the border cities. We undergo through customs clearance very fast in following places:

  • Ports of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad.

  • The airports of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan and Ulyanovsk.

  • Dozens of motor transport checkpoints on Russian border.

We perform necessary customs procedure for the goods: temporary admission and exports, carnet ATA, export, re-export, etc. Our company prepares all necessary shipping documents.

For those customers who wants to delegate the supply process, we provide outsourcing of foreign economic activity. Our company purchase goods from manufacturers in Russia. We undergo customs clearance and arrange delivery. Customer just need to pick up the cargo.

We work with business partners

The structure of GlobalTransConsult includes a trading company. Due to this we help foreign companies to stretch in Russia. We purchase goods abroad and deliver them to our Russian partners. We assume all risks associated with export: exchange transactions, customs clearance, delivery, etc. If customer imports goods, we help to find dropshippers in Russia and transport the goods to every place of the world.

Our direct partners

Container linesAir lines












Humburg Süd



AirBridgeCargo (ABC)


China Southern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines

Delta airlines


Air China


Turkish Airlines

Korean Air



Singapore Airlines

Japan Airlines

You get the best price and delivery speed.

We offer consultations on foreign trade activities questions

GlobalTransConsult team has more than 15-year experience in international consignments. Managers of foreign trade activities know all subtleties of constituting international contracts. Our professionals grasp live information connected with customs clearance. Customs lawyers help to solve all the questions during customs clearance. With the support of GlobalTransConsult the cargo arrives at its destination always on time, so you get a reliable partner in the main road junctions throughout Russia.

Send us your request and we will give you the offer and calculate the cost of delivery.